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Fully Tender Zine


Fully Tender was a community project created in the midst of our pandemic. I found that one of the things that I missed the most was making memories eating and drinking with my friends. It got me thinking about the relationship between food and company. Who are the people my friends have made food memories with? What were they eating?

Fully Tender is a project created to celebrate these food memories in a time where we feel a special yearning for them.

Contained in this zine are 30 contributions exploring food and company as well as a recipe from each contributor. Fully Tender is a cookbook that tells you what to eat and who to share with.

Fully Tender's pricing operates on a pay what you can system

copies will ship in late March/ early april

All profits will be donated to National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, an organization that supports policies providing opportunities for rural and urban farmers and expanding access to healthy locally grown food. The organization works with other grassroots organizations all over the country to invest in minority farmers, make healthy food more available to residents living in food deserts, and spur agricultural economic growth.